My intent is to write about whatever tickles my fancy: a cacophony of subjects including current affairs, city life, life transitions, the arts, our institutions, modern technology, fitness, travel, whatever.

As I have lived in both Toronto and Vancouver, my view is from both those cities. My Toronto friends find my B.C. boosterism “bor…ing” and undoubtedly “naïve.” My Vancouver family and friends concede that Toronto is an exciting city but, “How could you ever give up Vancouver to live there?”  One of my objectives will be to reconcile these differences, and perhaps entice British Columbians to learn to love Toronto as I do, and vice versa.

We are, furthermore, a diverse community where increasing numbers of our population have their direct connections with countries and cultures abroad. Our country, however, is so vast, our regions so self-contained, and our citizens so grounded in their local areas that the glories of the entire country are often unknown. I would like to add a link to the cross-Canada chain.

In recent weeks, my readers have pushed me  to write more about legal matters. I have decided to do so, only to the extent I might have something useful to contribute. That means I will limit my observations to current legal affairs which affect our national institutions, the criminal justice system or municipal politics. Given the upcoming national agenda, that may be more than enough.

I have decided not to start a separate legal blog because one blog is as much as I can handle. More important, most of my readers are not lawyers or legal professionals; more than an occasional dip into legal analysis is probably all they could bear.

I hope that you will join me on this venture, and that some or the other of the posts will pique your interest.