365 Days to Next Toronto Election… & Counting

October 27, 2014. One year from today will be the next Toronto election for mayor and councillors. Those elected will run the city until 2018. Mayor Ford has put Toronto on the map, but not necessarily as many of us may have wished. The existing show has been just that: one debacle after another. High profile pronouncements reversed, and reversed again. Important public policies bandied about by politicians of all stripes purely for political advantage, without regard to expert professional advice. A promise to weed out an alleged “gravy train” degenerating into a tawdry record of ignoring the rules, coaching football on city time, shutting out the media, etc., etc., etc.

 Soon the ball will be in our court to decide the future of this city.

Earlier this month, Rahul Bhardwaj, President and CEO of the Toronto Community Foundation, spoke to the Canadian Club about the TCF’s 12th Annual Vital Signs Report on the state of the city. The local press provided comprehensive coverage of their findings. The basic conclusion is that all that has made Toronto 4th out of 140 cities around the world on the Economist liveability scale is not sustainable in the current climate. 

What the press did not cover was Mr. Bhardwaj’s assessment of the local political scene. He did not mince words. He made a call for “network thinking” and for a City Hall that is not a “debating society for the deaf.” He referred to Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s vision of Calgary, and how even the Calgary Sun praised their mayor because “he gave us hope, made us proud.” Similarly the unlikely example of Bogota, Colombia, where the city is thriving. Why? Because both cities “have strong political leadership and a singular vision. Toronto has neither.”

Mr. Bhardwaj indicated that leaders who have vision achieve smart growth, do more with less, and achieve support for change. He said that there are five things Toronto needs:

  • connectivity, including transit that actually meets people’s needs
  • an affordable housing strategy
  • more public spaces that are “people-centred”
  • an integrated approach to youth unemployment (check out the German model), and
  • the need to “rebuild the Toronto brand” so that “the world knows what Toronto stands for”

He asks who will kickstart this? What he termed the “cringeworthy leadership in the city” shows a “complete unwillingness to take a risk. Real leadership depends on taking real risks” and a capacity “to heal the trust deficit.” He noted that the 2014 municipal election is October 27, 2014 and we “can’t indulge in magical thinking twice.” Nor can we wait for “somebody else.” “It is time for all of us to act as “somebodies” and “get engaged again.” He called for “network thinking, big time,” suggesting that each of us “create, nurture, and deliver our own networks” for the good of the city.

Maybe Rahul Bhardwaj should be our next mayor. If not him, who has the vision, the skills, and the credibility to move Toronto forward? That is the key issue.

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  1. Fred Irvine

    You are right about your Mayor Ford putting Toronto on the map. A survey earlier this year showed that more Vancouverites knew the name of the mayor of Toronto than the mayor of Vancouver, which is rather astonishing, don’t you think?

  2. Nora

    The only good thing about Rob Ford is the constant entertainment he provides, although it’s probably more amusing to those of us who don’t reside in the GTA! My brother recently invented a new concept he calls “the Rob Ford zone” on his having no reaction to reading about Rob Ford’s letter lauding an alleged drug dealer’s ‘tact and diplomacy’ on his sentencing for a death threat conviction. In my brother’s words, the zone applies “when a politician’s behaviour becomes so outlandish that literally anything said about them is believable and not surprising. Current inhabitants of the Rob Ford zone include Rob Ford, Rod Blagojevich, and Sylvio Berlusconi.”

  3. Larry

    Is your mayor really the crack head, drunken dork, the Aussie media are making him out to be? Lots of coverage, both on the telly and in the print media down here!

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