Don’t undermine Elections Canada

The National Post, these days, makes for interesting reading. The Professors’ Petition shows that the “Fair Elections Act” the federal government is presently attempting to ram through Parliament is anything but fair. A reader sent me this link, and I commend it to your attention. Also, note Post columnist Andrew Coyne’s column on the same subject. Make up your own mind, and let Prime Minister Harper and your local M.P. know what you think.
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National Post | Full Comment

A group of professors explains why the government’s proposed changes to our election laws are a threat to Canada’s democratic traditions

We, the undersigned — professors at Canadian universities who study the principles and institutions of constitutional democracy — believe that the Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23), if passed, would damage the institution at the heart of our country’s democracy: voting in federal elections.

[np_storybar title=”Andrew Coyne: The Tories were right to be nervous. Marc Mayrand shredded their ‘Fair Elections Act’ almost line by line” link=””]No wonder the Tories were so nervous.

The government had been noticeably skittish about what Marc Mayrand would say before the Commons Procedure and House Affairs committee Thursday: not only had it kept the chief electoral officer largely out of the loop in the months before it introduced its landmark Fair Elections Act, but there was doubt whether he would even be allowed to testify…

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  1. Marlene

    The Globe has been running 5 editorials this week on the subject of the Unfair Elections Act. The NDP is holding hearings across the country ( ) and has a petition on its website ( ).. And Leadnow is running an electoral reform campaign March 17-26: ..


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