Recent Developments

1. New Blog about the criminal courts system

I’ve launched a second blog focused on current issues and the criminal courts. Called “Re-view from the Bench: Reflections of a retired criminal court judge,” it can be found at I have added to this site edited versions of several previous posts about the criminal justice system. Today, I posted a new piece on “Sexual assault and the criminal courts: A response to the Globe and Mail editorial.” Check it out.

My plan is to put up posts intermittently, as issues arise. For notice of new posts as they come out, you might want to register to “follow” on that blog itself. I will continue, more or less on the present schedule, perhaps cutting back a little to facilitate the legal writing. I hope that you will find it useful. Thanks to all those readers who encouraged me to take this step.

2. Leaders’ Views on the CBC

Monday night, February 2nd, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is conducting the first of its live webcast Leaders Series on the CBC. Don Newman, former host of Politics, CTV’s Washington correspondent, and CBC TV’s senior parliamentary correspondent will conduct the interviews in English, and Francine Pelletier, journalist and former co-host of CBC’s Fifth Estate in French. The leaders will be asked to discuss their vision for the CBC. The first leader will be Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition and the New Democratic Party of Canada. You can watch the interview at the Friends website. The first 30-minute interview in French will start at 7:30 P.M. (EST) and the second in English at 8:15 P.M.(EST). Interviews with the other leaders will follow when dates are confirmed.

3. Vancouver’s Transit Tax Referendum Heating Up

On Tuesday next week, I will post a more detailed update on what is now called Vancouver’s “Congestion Tax Plebiscite.” The No side has rallied its forces, and the Yes side seems a little slow out of the gate. Ballots will be distributed mid-March and, at this moment, it is anyone’s guess how it will fall out.

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