I am a former teacher, lawyer, and, until my full retirement in 2011, a judge of the Ontario criminal courts. I live in Toronto with my husband and two cats. I also spend much time in my home province of British Columbia. This blog is the beginning of what I hope will be a new career as a writer.

I dedicate this blog to my children, grandchildren, and the other young people with whom I am close. They continue to teach me more than they can ever know. Perhaps by reflecting on my experience and observations as a late pre-boomer, there will be something of interest to them. As for us late pre-boomers and boomers, “watering our dendrites” is the name of the game. Hopefully, this blog may add to that goal, and maybe provoke a laugh, or stimulate some discussion, along the way.

That I began my writing with a blog is due to my friend Bob Dann. More than eighteen months before I started, he suggested I write a blog. I didn’t even know what a blog was, let alone how to put one together.  Last October, 174 posts later, we celebrated our second birthday.  Bob is the eternal optimist, with the amazing ability to see and promote the potential in everyone he knows. I am grateful for his continuing support. Thanks also to Adam Pearce for his research help, his wit and endless patience, and to Lori Myers for her technical expertise in the use of WordPress.